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resources to use power indeed

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Making the reform is a key.The expert thinks that the becoming disjointed of aiming at water resources development and water environmental protection should speed and reform a step and build up taking river valley water environment management as the management system of core.The function that have to develop good government and market respectively.Water conservancy department minister Chen Lei said, quickly promote town the residents use water stairs water price system, the non- residents use a super plan of water, super certainly sum progressive price markup system;Develop water resources to use power indeed power to register, set up whole country and local area water right to trade platform and investigate water right to flow to turn to new balance 574 menscarry out a form.-Orchestration's giving attention to both is root.Landscape Lin Tian Hu is life common body, curing water has to orchestrate to give attention to both, with cure mountain, cure a wood and cure farmland etc. organic combine, moderate to solve water resources, water environment, water ecosystem and flood disaster to harm a problem.Face the much heavy test of earth's surface water, groundwater and inshore pollution, strengthen the way of thinking that water environment manages to innovate of the utmost urgency.For this, the week livings wise etc. to put forward to carry out six eco-systems of sea orchestrations to protect a repair principle.-Adjusting water is an assistance.The expert thinks that adjust water not to can do for the main outlet that solves a water safe problem, but should in strict stanza water and cure the condition of water under, assist to adjust water by adequacy.Now a

Water shortage, thought of to adjust water;The fluid matter polluted and also thoughted of to adjust water.We have to change idea, from want water to change oneself stanza toward the god water, small arrive each everybody of the family to economize a drop of water, greatly arrive change and industry that the agriculture plows a way of the adjustment of industrial structure.Wang Jin Nan says.……The national height values water resources protection and water pollution to manage and put forward curing ofstanza water has the initiative, space balanced, the system manage, two hands hair dint water new way of thinking.This year's new balance 420 womensgovernment work gives a talk or lectures to also definitely put forward is resolute toward the pollution declare war.Some materialities raising Cuo has already released one after another, the variety is taking place-the lately- revised environmental protection method formally carry out in 2015 the New Year's Day;The water pollution prevention and cure activity that is so called water is ten plans also at tight Luo the airtight drum draw up in;From May 1, residents in Peking carry out stairs water price, in order to sign square's rice 5 dollars, 7 dollars and 9 dollars each time, 3 file water prices use more water to bear more respectively;7 areas in the province in Ningxia, and Jiangxi...etc. are indeed developing the water right experimental unit of different type, work hard for an inside water resources of 23 years to use power power register, water right bargain to flow to turn etc. to lead off breakthrough;Civil environmental protection organization and social strength participation become important dint

Measure:Public environment research center concentrates on Chinese water pollution map to draw;Green Chiang-Nan concentrates on too the lake river valley water environmental protection;The environmental protection asks a government is pouring to force the achievement investigate togreen turn a track.……Water is the source of life, water is the radicle of nike lunarglide 6 mensdream.Guarding water safety is the great responsibility that contemporary everybody has to carry, the task Jian is huge, the time is urgent.(Reporter, Liu Shi Ping, , attend to Jean of the Rui, Wang Min, in gentle and quiet)the national hygiene account to living Wei to release Chinese fluid population development to report on the 18th 2014.The report points out that arrive 2013 year-ends, the total amount of national fluid population is 245,000,000, more than 1/6 of total population.The national Wei accounts the Wei fluid population department department chief Wang Qian say, this is the our country to release a fluid population development report the fifth year in a row.The report mainly accounts the national fluid population dynamic state of Wei organization to monitor to investigate a data according to the 2013 national Wei, with the fluid population hygiene account to living service management for point, divide special subject to turn to the fluid population migration and the town, the existence development and social fusion, fluid population basic and public service, fluid population hygiene of the fluid population accounted to living growing of service management and fluid population etc. to carry on analysis and study.Report

management and involved water

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The urgent condition of water safety has a person tube?This leads long to pull the system factor of Kowloon cures water again.The data suggests that river valley in Yangtze River has already set up reservoir more than 40,000s and has been already set up and is setting up water electricity to stand more than 2400 currently.Introduced when water conservancy committee relevant representative director of Yangtze River accepted a reporter to cover, the upper stream reservoirs involved several business enterprises, it adjusted degree and management and involved water conservancy, electric power, and transportation...etc. several sections.Reservoir's adjusting one degree usage is mostly and respectively a war, while suffering asics gel kinsei 4 womensflood or drought, sometimes even will enlarge the downstream flood or turn worse withered water degree.In the our country, there is occurrence while acrossing the administrative area river valley water pollution trouble, the river valley orchestrates to moderate the problem of dint not to is outstanding.All of the bureau chief from environmental protection bureau in Shanghai City piece says.Lyu Zhong Mei partitions with 3 to describe water safety the reason that protecting lawmaking is hard and falls solid place:On being a river valley to manage lastthe piece partition, two is a district to manage lastcity country partition, three is same river valley headwaters function to manage lastsection partition.This causes water resources of excellent turn to install and effectively protective of many heavy burden effects, the disadvantage is at the orchestration of water resources, moderate management and can keep on exploitation.Lyu Zhong Mei says.The scar is difficult

With the repair, nearsighted necessarily knot bad result.In order to by the root control a fluid matter depravation, the national water pollution prevents and cures expenses to successively increase.25 periods, national point river valley water pollution's preventing and curing devotion will reach to 500,000,000,000 dollars, year all 100,000,000,000 dollars.Although being national to throw in is huge,the water pollution problem is still long to don't more cure.Since 1994, brought up river valley in Huaihe of 1/6 in the whole country population, became our country history up for the very first timelead first of the large-scale river valley water pollution prevention and cure.Unremittingly manage after 20 years, nation devotion funds count 10,000,000,000 dollars, just new balance 998 salesuppress Huaihe to continuously aggravate on the whole ofcondition.In 2013, in monitor cross section in river valley nation in Huaihe, the fluid matter pollutes for light degree.Too the lake equally becomes a whole country because of the pollution problem to particularly manage of one ofthree rivers three lakess.Water pollution affairs in Wuxi in 2007 after breaking out, the government successively throws in more than 100000000 dollars 800 funds to manage, the price isn't not it may be said big, however, too the lake fluid matter still keeps allowing of no optimism.The song space is even, Chinese environmental protection business expands one of.Once were Chinese the delegation of the government members to attend the first-time mankind of United Nations in 1972 environment meeting.Passed by for more than 40 years, the problem of water played more strong more.

Look back background and examine at present, this 84-year-old old man sent out the awl heart asks-again don't hold firmly an activity, really need to let the last water become the tears of mankind's regret?Having no road can back perfectly right, the water safe problem contains natural calamity factor.The water conservancy section checks result enunciation, because of weather variety and mankind's activity of influence, since 80's in last century, yellow river, river area water in Huaihe, sea river and Liao resources total amount reduces 13% and turns worse water hunger and thirst in the north thus and further.However, natural
nike free 3.0 v5 onlinecalamity unavoidably, person's disaster can in addition to.Face ruthlessness reality, we have no way out:-Stanza water cures the plan of origin.The current dozen is good'water safety protect a war'of the key link is stanza water, put stanza water from the everyone noodleses, such as idea, consciousness and measure...etc. is having the initiative position, strongly push forward the agriculture stanza water, industrial stanza water, living stanza water, quickly push forward stanza water type social construction.National stanza water office often worked a pair at first director, Wu Ji, loose say.The statistics suggests that currently our 10000 dollars the industrial increment value is used water the quantity be still level for forerunner in the world of 2-3 times;The farmland irrigation water effectively makes use of coefficient to 0.52, away below 0.7-0.8 advanced levels in the world.-Body

and present iron red

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Evaluate standardserious water shortage andbe short of water a city.The trend is rigorous-the water pollution is already done extension to the lord by subsidiary current, is spread to the village by the city, is permeated to the groundwater by earth's surface water, is developed to the waters by the land.Currently, it is national year of to use water of total amount about 620,000,000,000 sign a square rice, the normal age is short of water 500 many hundred million sign a square rice.Along with economic society development and world the weather change influence to turn worse, water resources supply and demand antinomy will sharpen more.The water conservancy department water resources manages a department pair department chief Chen say clearly.The World Bank sends out a warning in a report:Use an of water need and limited supply the extension of the margin, and the great area pollution results in of the fluid matter is worsen, probably cause a serious water shortage crisis in China.This warns that far from startling statement creates a sensation, it is becoming realistic threat.Hubei economic college director Lyu Zhong Mei, be engaged in an environment method to study for more than 30 years.She a needle see the blood ground pointing out:Fog haze big scope occurrence, people usually run into, therefore being called is national'heart lung it suffer from'.But water the safe problem is constituting Chinese nation of'enemy within'.Nearsighted bad result the flourishing nation industrialize for 1200 years to divide a stage to appear in the progress

Of environment problem, concentrate to present in the rapid development of our country more than 30 years.Environmental protection department minister the week living wise be full of worried ground say,  is the biggest developing country in the world, our country be placed in industrialization, town to turn rapid development process in, development unbalance, not moderate, can not the problem keeping on is still outstanding.The Cang county little Zhu Zhuang Cun, villager, Zhu Jian Yong, , of Hebei sees water that takes out to come up from the underground sending forth strange smell, and present iron red, the panic is difficult tonike lunarglide 6 uk express.The host of village inside a farm said that several hundred chickens die one after another because of drinking water like this.The monitor suggests that new chemical engineering factory in the setting up of village neighborhood not only lines up toward the river dirty, also discard a residue to the peripheral ditch dumping.The ecosystem affairs that takes place in April, last year, although already many for the past one years, the villager wants to come up to now and still has a lingering fears.Past we the Cang state dig several rices deep can get groundwater, and some places would not until go deep into several underground 100 meterses take out water now, sometimes even if take out to arrive is also pollute water.A grass-roots staff in the region says.Attending to an at present benefits and paying attention to is personal private-distort of righteousness benefit view is to result in to consume water excesssive, fluid matter pollution of the important society mental state move because of.Blindly pull

High speed degree, unilateral pursue GDP-drive the achievement view and development view for polluting is important realitypush a hand that endangers water safety.The environmental protection department environment programming hospital the vice- director and total work Wang Jin Nanses say:Very rigorous sea river in water environment situation the area be all developing steel, coal, chemical engineering, building materials, electric power, and deckle...etc. high pollution industry everywhere, attends to a development, ignore environment.The water pollution turns worse most likely is the artificial factor results in, is exactly becausenew balance 420 mens people have no degree to obtain to the great universe, it makes origin already sparse lack and become dirty water, become more sparse to lack, more dirty.Synthesize a programming according to the national water resources, in 6834 water function area of national and main river database dilimitation in the river lake, have aerobic 33% water function area chemistry quantity or ammonia nitrogen present condition pollutant go into river quantity exceed its Na dirty ability, and is its Na 4-5 times that of dirty ability, parts of rivers(segment) even are up to 1300%.The Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference member of committee, vice-president of school from Normal University in Xinjiang cow Ru says very much:Some regardless of water resourceses in place control and water environment capacity extreme limit, regardless of business enterprise whether high pollution Gao Hao Shui, as long as being to take effect quickly and make a profit many items to vie with each other in a horse, in order to do big GDP in the short run.

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